Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NO, I don't want your Dumpling!

For the past year now on my lunch breaks I walk by this Chinese Noodle House on the lower level of my work building and for the past year without fail almost everyday I am greeted with "Do you want some Dumpling? I have a table for you"

No, I don't want your Dumpling! If I did I would've gone into your "Noodle House" by now and tried your dumpling. I have to hand it to them though, they are persistent.

However, because I am always greeted with this I now find myself humouring myself and getting their hopes up by walking closer to the shop front.

Green Splat xoxo

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bananas In Pyjamas

A month or so ago I looked after my Nephew on a Monday as I had the day off and what better way to entertain a kid then to have some paper and pencils out, some play dough out and ABC kids on in the background.

Whilst ABC kids was on I heard the tune of Bananas In Pyjamas so naturally I looked at the TV and boy did I get a shock.

When did the lovable characters of Cuddles Avenue go from people being dressed in the actual costumes

to computer animation?

At least when they were people dressed in costumes they lived in a real like environment and used real like props, which made it easier to believe that maybe there really was 2 Bananas In Pyjamas, 3 Teddy Bears and a Rat in a Hat living in a cul-de-sac called Cuddles Avenue.

Greensplat xoxo

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I want to punch you in the face!

To the person who wrote this wonderful and accurate description of Every Time I Die, I want to punch you in the face!

"If you're into hardcore, then you're definitely into New York metalcore exponents EVERY TIME I DIE, who are coming out to Australia even though it's sunny and everyone's quite optimistic out here, which doesn't work at all with metalcore. Maybe the nice weather will soften them somewhat. It's hard to scream and be angry in paradise. I hope it doesn't prove too challenging though; I already have my outfit picked out for this show. All black everything."

Greensplat xoxo

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Self Control? I have none....

It has recently occurred to me (after many of years) that I have a serve lack of self control. And what made me realise this was,  just after eating a bag of Allens lollies in one sitting and in less than 5 minutes.

I'm not going to lie to you, (Marge) It's a terrible trait to have.

Put some of my favourite things in front of me, like a tub of Cookies n' Cream Ice Cream, Allens Lollies (Preferably Strawberry's n' Cream, Red Frogs, Party Mix or the Retro Mix), Mars Pods or Twix Pods, Tim Tams, a Chocolate bar or (actual) Strawberries n' Nutella or just a jar of Nutella and it is so hard for me to say no. And more than often, it will be entirely gone or I'm constantly saying to myself and out loud, "Just one more spoonful and I'll put it away" until I hit the bottom of the container and realise it's too late.

This never used to bother me, but now when I do it I feel guilty to the fact that I try and avoid my sweet stash and I even try to avoid the sweets aisle when I do the groceries. But it doesn't last, I find myself in the chocolate aisle during my lunch break, buying which ever of my favourite bars are for a $1.00 that week and eating it within 30 seconds of getting away from the check out. 

Hey at least I can feel less guilty if I'm spending less money right? Well that's how I justify it....

Green Splat xoxo

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A KitchenAid would make my life complete

I really want a KitchenAid, a Raspberry Ice one to be exact

But seen as how that isn't available in Australia a Candy Apple Red one will have to do which is a whooping $859.00 due to being a limited edition.

 But can you believe that in Stores here the cheapest you will find one is $795.00 and that is for the basic and pastel colours and online is $659.00 (for not the best colour)

On the American KitchenAid site however and in stores, you can purchase the same Bad Boy for a measly $299.00-$349.00.

Why is it so much more expensive here?

This actually makes me more sad than angry
Green Splat xoxo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Once again Leggings are not pants!

We have said this before and I will say it again…. Leggings are not pants.

I’ve seen a lot of girls of all ages and all sizes wearing leggings this winter. Now there are several things wrong with this;

Firstly, I don’t care what size you are, leggings are not flattering to wear out in public unless you have either a) a dress on or b) a long top covering all your bits. And the people I have seen have not had any of the above mentioned.

Secondly, leggings are no where near warm enough to keep you warm this winter. I know for a fact as I wear a pair of leggings under my work pants and majority of the time I am still cold.

Thirdly, for a couple of dollars more you could own a pair of pants and not be made fun of.

Please do us all a favour and keep your leggings to working out or to the comfort of your own home, which is the only time you will see me in ONLY a pair of leggings.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ariel in a Wedding dress? I must have it! But not for that price

So when I was in America they have Disney stores almost everywhere and I happened to come across a ton of Ariel (Barbie) dolls that actually looked like her, which I have been searching for for years. And until now nothing compared to the Ariel barbie doll my sister and I had as kids.

In the Chicago store I fell in love at first sight with Ariel dressed in a stunning white wedding dress. But unfortunately I couldn’t but it then as I wanted to keep it in the box and I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase after everything we had bought so far on the trip. So instead of buying Ariel in the Wedding dress, I just bought Ariel in her mermaid stuff and a pack that contacted her blue (Kiss the Girl) dress and the pink (I’m going to brush my hair with a fork) dress.

The reason behind my buying the normal Ariel was because I didn’t mind taking her out of the box to brush her hair and change her clothes because I had all intentions of buying Wedding Ariel at Disneyland of course.

Disneyland comes around, we search all the toy shops inside to find NO Wedding Ariel anywhere, also the Ariel’s that they did have, were not as good as the Disney Store ones. After going on a whole heap of rides and looking at shops, we decided to find the Official Disney Store so I could get Ariel and we could get something for the Nephews.

We found the Official Disney store and it was very disappointing in regards to Disney Princess. We asked staff if they had what we were looking for and they said “Disneyland Store stocks different things to the Disney Store”. Isn’t it the same company? I was bummed and it made LA crappier than it already seemed.

Get home after Disneyland and decided to find out where the closest Disney Store is so I can get me Ariel. There was one 30mins away by bus.

We set out there the next day, waiting way too long for a bus that didn’t come so we got a cab. The cab driver than didn’t know where the shopping centre was that we were going to and dropped as off at Fox, almost 6 blocks away from the shopping centre.

We get to the shopping centre and look at the directory to find the Disney Store and as we look at the shop number, we notice the Disney Store layout on a shop to the right, however it was covered in black curtains…. It had closed!

I was devastated. We decide to leave and on a way back we spot this awesome shopping centre real close to our hotel so we have a look, in hopes that all the closed store for “West Side” has opened up there, but they hadn’t.

We get back to the hotel and decide that Santa Monica might be nice to visit so I look up what shops they have there. Can you believe it, they have a Disney store and other cool stuff. We get on the next bus.

We get to Santa Monica and go to the Disney Store and I couldn’t see Wedding Ariel anywhere. I asked staff, they were sold out. Thus ends the search in America for Ariel as we had 2 days left.

Next day we go to Universal Studios and the depot where our tour bus had to stop, there was a form of Disney store on Hollywood Blvd. I run down and check. No luck 

Once I got home I checked the Disney Store online to check stock as they ship certain items to Australia and they have her in stock. I finally went to commit to buying her over the weekend just past (18-19th June) and they were out of stock.

I decide to check eBay and there are a couple, mostly around the $50+ mark, except one that was at $35.00 or offer me a price. So I offered $25.00 as the doll was only worth $19.90. The bitch on eBay doesn’t reply to my offer and lets the listing expire.

2 hours after it expires, she send me an eBay message asking If I was interested and assumed I offered her $30. I said “Yes, I’m still interested.” You had the doll for $35.00 and I offered $25.00, please let me know what you would be happy with?” So I agree to pay $30.00 and ask her how much shipping is to two post codes, 2000 and 2250. She replies with, “Are you in town often? If you like you can pick it up from my brother’s house in Surry Hills?”

Are you serious! I’m not going to some random persons house in Surry Hills to pick up a doll that is overly priced to begin with. I tell her I would prefer postage and asked her to calculate it and let me know, by this time the eBay messages were going on for 2 days and she would not give me a straight answer, all my questions, statements and offers were all straight forward.

Two days pass and she has not replied. I check my hotmail and I have a message from eBay “An item you were watching has been relisted” I check to see which item it was and yup, It was Wedding Ariel and guess what the price was now, $55.00.

This person has royally pissed me off. I hope no one buys it from her. I wonder if there is a way I can report her to eBay for being such a dipshit! Because of her I’m now Wedding Arielless and ANGRY at how stupid some people are.

Greensplat xoxo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ben & Jerry's

I miss being able to walk into any convenient store, any gas station, any department store (Target, Kmart etc) and being able to buy a large tub of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for the small price of $2.50-$5.00.

Here Ben & Jerry's is only available in select candy stores that stock American foods or their select few scoop shops that have started opening up but you are expected to pay around $14.00 for the same sized tub that I was buying for $5 max in America. You are lucky to get the small tub that would be gone in 2 spoonfuls for $5. (I think it might be $4.50, but none the less)

At least Erina has it there for $12.50.... but I find it hard to spend $12.50 on 1 tub of Ice Cream when now I know I could get 3 for that price.

Greensplat xoxo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just get the ticket!

Yesterday whilst on my way from work to the train I entered the Central Station country link platforms as per usual. I came through the archway near the light rail stop and overhead a young girl yelling to her friend these words:

“200 Bucks. Are fucking kidding?! 200 fucking bucks from those arseholes”

Upon glancing at the gate I caught sight of the “arseholes” she was talking about – Transit Officers.

Now I admit that you can give anyone a uniform and all of a sudden they think they are Colonel Klink, and that these guys are usually ADF or Police drop-outs/reject with a point to prove but when it comes down to it anonymous girl, you didn’t buy a fucking ticket.

I’m sure you could have scrounged together the cash out of your Louis Vutton hand bag that you had to pay the initial fare and then this whole mess could have been avoided. A simple visit to the ticket machine would have saved your anger and saved you $200, but you ran the gauntlet and lost. Yes you have a right to be angry but only at yourself.

It pisses me off that you have to make a big deal out of something that you could have avoided. Grow up and deal with it.


- I admit some people legitimately cannot get train tickets due to ticket machine malfunctions/being broke etc
-    Some guards have not on ounce of compassion to anyone with a heartbeat
-    I have also caught public transport but understood if i got caught so be it, my fault
-    I couldn’t see if the bag was a fake or not
-    I am probably making a gross exaggeration when i say “she looked like she could afford the fine” but hey that’s my opinion
-    My friend Cazperz has shared her experience in which she was down by fiddy cent and the Transit officer emptied her whole travel ten then fined her! Now that’s a reason to be angry!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Nothing annoys me more than when I am rushing to work and I miss the lights by 30 seconds all because people think they walk fast and cut me off. When really they don’t walk fast!

Beep goes the Smoke Alarm

Monday morning. I've got the day off and Drew has a late start. Here we are just relaxing, having some nice breakfast when the smoke alarm decides it wants to start beeping every 20 seconds.

My brother was working downstairs so after I dropped Drew off at the train station i told him the smoke alarm is going nuts and you need to fix it before tonight. He told me it must be the back up battery. I told him I was heading out to Woy Woy and asked him to find out what battery it takes. So he slides off the lid and to his surprise there was no back up battery (in that section) in the alarm.

His next solution is "Wow, it's dusty. I'll bring the blower up later and clean it out, hopefully that helps. Otherwise I will buy a new one." I left the house as I had stuff to do.

I go back to my Mum's house after going to Woy Woy because I was feeling really sleepy and wanted a nap, which I couldn't do at my place (my brothers renovation dream) as the smoke alarm was driving me nuts. He comes down to my Mum's and says "The smoke alarm has stopped". Yes! I thought to myself.

After waiting for my Mum and Nephew to get home so I could see them for a bit I headed back home and as soon as I walked up the driveway I heard the horrible headache creating BEEP. I called him to let him know it was still going nuts and I asked him to just disconnect it. I had to wait an hour as he had to drive his painter home.

He comes back up finally and 4.30pm and has another look at it and realises there are 2 screws holding it in place. He removes them and magically there is a battery in it. I go to Coles and replace the battery and he put is in and screws everything back up and WOW the silence is amazing!

Greensplat xoxo

Wheat pack Heat pack

After getting an awesome massage on the 14th May, the Massage Therapist said I hold a lot of tension and tightness in my neck and shoulders and to help that at home I should put a form of heat pack on my neck and shoulders to help relieve this.

I went to Priceline in search of some new lipstick and I came across an awesome hot pink wheat pack. Now I didn't buy it as I already had my hands full with what I was already buying and I thought to myself, I'll come back next week. They have heaps.

I go back to Priceline Saturday just passed because I decided the tightness in my shoulders isn't any better and I want a Pink Wheat pack.

First Priceline I go to in the city, only has blue and I really wanted pink. I go to another Priceline in the city, they don't have any. So i decide to not go to anymore Priceline’s in the City because I don't like my chances and to go to one up the Coast.

Monday comes around and I go out for a lovely train ride to Woy Woy and can you believe it, that Priceline doesn't have any at all. I was feeling quite annoyed at this point as I just wasted an hour of my life coming out to Woy Woy. I decided to check Kmart to see what they have. I was about to walk out when what did I see, a Wheat pack in a Pink case! I was so excited so I quickly grabbed it as there were only 2 left.

Greensplat xoxo

That is not a Bucket, that is a mixing bowl.

First day back from USA, I decided to put as much washing on as I possibly could so the next 2 days could be spent relaxing and trying to recover from Jetlag. Upon hanging up washing on a clothes horse I noticed a red bowl similar to mine sitting on the "Sports" room floor with other containers filled with dirty paint water and paintbrushes.

It clicked, wait a minute that is my bowl. I checked my cupboard and yep my small bowl was missing. I was pissed. That is one of the bowls that I use for making cupcakes! I called my brother and asked why the painter had used my bowl right out of the kitchen. He claimed he had no idea and he came up and had a look.

I soaked it and soaked it and put so much cleaning stuff in it but now the bottom is all scratched from whatever they did to it!!!

Are people really that disrespectful? Not to mention the kitchen was a mess from all the sanding and painting that had occurred.

Greensplat xoxo

Fix the house. Don't break my cups!

While we were in the Wonderful World of USA, my brother was meant to be doing a whole heap of work on the house, things he couldn't do while people were staying in it. Instead he was too busy making Cocktails with his "Girlfriend" and using my Bodum travel mug as a cocktail shaker which he managed to crack.

This was suckie for a couple of reasons:

1) It was a double walled mug and the crack was on the inside. So any liquid you poured in would get stuck between the two walls.
2) They were all sold out at Chalet, which is where we bought it from.
3) I had to buy replacements online so I had to wait for delivery

However it was cheaper online.

Greensplat xoxo

I'm busting....

America has a serious lack of public toilets. That is all.

McDonalds New York

Our first official day in America was in New York and it was spent walking around sussing out the Village. We'd had an early breakfast and decided to get into the city like 8amish. So we also had kinda an early lunch which unfortunately Maccas was the only thing near and at LAX it smelt like old school maccas.

It was a terrible mistake. The meat on that Cheeseburger was gross. I now know where this rumour came from "sometimes maccas use the drink tray cardboard in their patties"

Thinking back on it though, I'm not sure if it was just being overwhelmed on a surprisingly hot day in a City we didn't know. After that we did decided not to eat at food chains that we have back home incase they weren't as good. Or incase they were better and we couldn't get that sweet hit again.

Greensplat xoxo

Monday, June 6, 2011

Where for art thou DVD cable.

The weekend before Drewsnaps and I went to the Wonderful World of USA we decided to spend the weekend down the Coast seeing Family.

Upon arrival home, well bed time we went to put a DVD on to fall asleep to and for some reason the DVD player wasn't working. Great! it wasn't even our DVD player. Our DVD player is out in the lounge room with the Surround Sound. Now this DVD player was woeful to being with. My brother talked it up saying it was a Hard Disc recorder and all that. Turns out, he has bought a DVD player that plays both DVDs and VHS' and recorded from VHS to DVD. So the thing took forever to even load the DVD once you waited the 20 minutes for the eject button to actually work.

Back to the story. We tried to put the TV onto AV1 to play the DVD and there was no connection for it. We checked the back of the DVD and surprise surprise, the cord from the DVD player to the TV was missing all with the exception of a single yellow cord still plugged into the TV and nothing else.
We went searching for a spare cord but couldn't find one, which was weird as there was a time when we had so many. We gave up and decided to Bring in our DVD player and HDMI cable.

Now the story of where the cord went missing to. I asked my brother what he had done with the cord as he would've been the only person in the house while we were gone. Turns out his "Girlfriend" at the time had an "awesome" surround sound system to set up but it didn't come with the cord that we were missing.

My brother decided to take the cord out of our room so he could look all macho setting up her DVD player.

took him about a month to replace the cord.

Greensplat xoxo

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday Night in Downtown Chinatown

Not too long ago now, 2 weeks to be exact Drew and I decided to go late night (window) shopping and grab some Burgerlicious for dinner after work.

Burgerlicious was amazing like always and we were heading back to central to catch the 8.15pm train home so that we would be home by 9.45pm when at 7.30pmish I got a call from my Mum who happened to be in the car with my Brother and my Sister coming back from Sydney Airport.

So my Mum asks if we would like a lift home and we accepted, thinking we will get home in no time as my Brother is a maniac. (hence the Oven out of the wall) I organise a meeting place of Cnr of Quay St & Thomas St as I know my Brother knows where that is.

He arrived at last and we got in the car, it was very squashy what with 5 people and 5 bags, more because my Sister cannot pack light and the fact the car is very small on the inside but looks massive on the outside.

As soon as he starts the car back up after us getting in, he has lost all power steering and it is very hard to control. We managed to drive from Cnr Quay St & Thomas St to Cnr of Ultimo Rd & George St, with him abusing pedestrians along the way who wouldn't get off the road.

We stopped at the red light on the above mentioned St and decided to turn the car off and then back on as all these lights were flashing like crazy. Lets just say the car did not start again after that. Now Drew and I still had a good 15 minutes to get to Central and get the train back up the Central Coast but since we accepted the lift in the first place, we now had a duty of care to stay and see this out.

We turned the hazards on and got out of the car, Drew directing traffic like a pro and my Brother well just being a maniac while my Mum was all frantic. My Sister didn't seem all that fussed, she had her IPhone and Laptop so was kept occupied.

My Brother pops the bonnet and checks the battery... it has been completely drained and fried. Great, we are gonna be here all night. He attempts to pour some water in the battery to see if it will get started again and enable us to get a jump start and get home. We also finally managed to get the car to roll back a little bit down the street so all the complaining cars could get into their turning lane, but only enough for 3.

We finally came to the conclusion, we need some mechanical help and my Brother has no roadside assistance and I cannot remember the number for mine, so we call the NRMA as my Sister is a member and has the keyring on her. So i had to call the NRMA to organise this. I had no idea what kinda car it was or what year it was made and my Brother was too busy trying to get the car started. I tell them we need a new battery and they say it will cost over $200.00 as he is not a member and some one will be there within the hour.

During this time, 5 minutes after I got off the phone to the NRMA a nice Cabbie decides to stop and give us a jump start, we get the car started barely, it was dieing and dieing fast. so I tell everyone to do up the Windows as it was all electric and who knows when we would've had a chance to do this next or if the car would even make it home.

9.15pm comes around Roadside assistance arrives, he checks the car. It wasn't just a fried battery, the alternator and alternator belt are busted and shredded to the max. We are never going to get home. The shit thing, the mechanic said that this is easy fixed in the type of car he had, just not in the year my Brother has. Drew and I have decided we have to get home and we must now catch the 10.15pm train home, which gets in at 11.45pm. There is no point sticking around, they need a tow truck and there is only room for 3 including the driver. 9.45pm comes and we have decided to leave for the train. All the while they are still deciding on the tow truck. They finally come to the conclusion, the tow truck is the only option and organise that, meaning my Sister had to get the train with us home.

My Mum calls and tells me they are now getting towed and guess what? They got home before we did. And my Sister asks to get picked up from the station, in what car you ask? My Mum's house is like a car yard with home many people that live there and majority have about 2 cars each.

Drew and i finally get home dead tired and dreading getting up in the 5 o'clocks on the morning to catch a train back to Sydney. We finally get into bed to go to sleep about 12.30am and can I just say that was the most undisturbed sleep I had had all week.

Moral of the story, If some one offers you a lift home you may be better off getting public transport.

Greensplat xoxo

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Million Dollar Drop

I have come to the conclusion after watching 2 episodes that you can only get on Million Dollar Drop if:
a) you're a girl and have a boys name. E.g. Frankie and Alex.
b) you have an upcoming wedding story and the money would really help out.

Guess what... The money would really help everyone out!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tuesday Nights - Channel 11

So i was super excited when channel 11 launched, even more so because the office started back up again - Tuesday nights 8:30pm to 9:30pm.
All was going well with my watching the office even though I think I completely missed the previous season until Channel 11 decided to cut the office back to only 30mins (now 9pm to 9:30pm) and replace the 8:30pm to 9pm time slot with Raising Hope.
This would not have bothered me so much if a) I didn't enjoy the office as much as I do and b) If I liked Raising Hope. Although I did see one funny scene where the dad buttered the floor and the mum fell over cause she was modelling new high heels while the son was trying to film his daughter (I assume Hope) flipping everyone the bird. But that's not the point.
I want more office!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Annoyances with my upcoming trip to the US of A

As you probably should be aware Drew and I are setting sail to the US of A in 2 weeks for a month and here is a list of things that annoy me about this.

1) Jimmy Eat World play Sydney on the Friday 8th April. That is the day we fly out!

2) Bamboozle is on April 29th to May 1st in New Jersey. We are in New York from the April 8th to April 13th. By the time Bamboozle is on we will be in LA.

3) Take action tour w/ Polar Bear Club and The Swellers is in Boston April 22nd. We leave Boston April 17th.

4) Again with the Take action tour - We leave LA to fly back to Sydney May 6th and when do they decide to play in LA May 10th to May 14th... Come On!

5) The Damned Things tour - they are playing shows on the West Coast when we are on the East Coast and Vise Versa!

Well that is all the annoyances that I can remember. I'll keep you updated if anymore come rushing back to me

Green Splat xoxo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Apples are deceiving

I bought a bag of apples in my weekly groceries on the weekend and the apples looked all green, juciy and glossy. I was quite impressed with the bag I chose. However, when I went to have one for my afternoon tea at work... It was not at all how it looked when I bought them. Sure it was still green but it didn't look as juicy or as glossy. I took a bite and to my horror it was all mushy and sour.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When your dreams become reality

The other night when I was trying to get to sleep I had one of those jump wake ups, but it wasn't the usual jump wake up from falling into a bottomless pitt and waking up before you hit the bottom (cause we all know what happened if you actually hit the bottom). No, I tripped over a gutter casually walking down Dream Street. After waking up due to this I was asked "Are you ok?" I of course replied, "yeah, I just tripped over in my dream". Anyway after falling back to sleep, i woke up again cause my right foot and pinky toe was hurting, after staring at and playing with my foot to find out what was wrong with it, I was then asked "What are you doing?" and I replied "My foot hurts from kicking the gutter when I tripped over" the response "You didn't trip over, it was in your dream". So I went back to sleep. Wake up the next morning and would you believe it.... my foot is still hurting. It hurt for the whole day! That and I thought the conversation I had was in my dream so I had to question that. Something crazy went down in Dreamland that night.

Greensplat out

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ovens that go bump in the....

3 weeks ago (Sorry for the delay, been very lazy) I walk in my front door to the sight of my Oven out of the wall.

Before you ask, I don't have a crazy oven that likes to have races with my fridge or hang out with my washing machine althought that would be great. Instead I have a brother who likes to half complete everything he does.

As if this didn't frustrate me enough, I decide to call my brother to find out why the hell my oven is out of the wall. I call him, no answer. I then call my mum to see if she knows where my brother is and again, no answer.

Because of the oven and no one answering I started to then turn into a blabbering hulk. It would not have bothered me so much If I wasn't looking forward to cooking Lasange and relaxing at home.

So my brother finally decides to call me back only he pranks me as he does not want to waste his credit. I call him back and the first thing I say to him is "Why the hell is the oven out of the wall?" and all he can do is laugh and say "Oops, I must've forgot to put it back in". That and tell me to shut up, I'll fix it in a minute.

I go down to my mum's to use her oven to cook my lasange and 5 minutes later my brother pulls into my mum's drive way and straight to eating his dinner that my mum had cooked and dished up for him. He was meant to go straight to my house (or his house) and put the oven back in so I could "cook dinner". I told him I was still at home waiting to cook dinner so that he would at least hurry. All the while while I am waiting for my lasange to cook at my mum's all he can still do is laugh and tell people about it.

I cooked my lasange finally and put foil over it to take it home and I thought that is was all smooth sailing from there, until I get home and the cheeses decide they want to screw me over and stick to the foil!

Green Splat out

Monday, January 31, 2011

Annoyances on Public Transport

An Oldie of Bloggers, Ranters and Letters to the Editors but hell I'll give this a big crack.

  1. TALKING ON A PHONE AT FULL VOLUME FOR OVER 5 MINUTES ON THE TRAIN/BUS - Seriously, can it not wait until you arrive at your destination? No-one else on the train needs to here the life story of you, your friends or your god damn snakes on a plane. I understand there might be times when this is unavoidable but how about a "Yo i'm on a <insert mode of transport here> I'll call you when I get off" Really is everything that important in your life that you need is yesterday and cant just relax and take a break.
  2. USING YOUR PHONE AS AN MP3 PLAYER FOR THE WHOLE CARRIAGE/BUS - I don't like Ke$ha's tunes. I don't respect the artistical accreditation of U2. I don't think that Rihanna is "da Bomb". This is why I do not have them on my iPod. I'm pretty sure most of the people on my train would not like Toe to Toe, or find On Broken Wings relaxing. This is why I do have them on my iPod - So I cant listen to them and not annoy other people by utlising this amazing invention HEADPHONES. Seriously, buy some headphones. If you and your friends all want to listen to music at once, but a friggin splitter. Do no subject me to music you might love but might just make me wanna go nuts. I do not need to hear how I'm a firework, how I am the only girl in the world or some other crap. (this isn't a go at what music you are into as I like some pretty terrible music, it's just about showing some respect)
  3. B/O - Pretty simple. Male/Female/Non carbon based life form - use something that covers your stench and carry something with you so if you stink at a bad time, use some of the previously alluded to substance to freshen yourself up. Public transport may look like a sewage pipe but you do not have to make it smell like one.
  4. MANNERS GETTING ON AND OFF - you know what? The world is not going to be blown in to oblivion if you just wait you turn to get on. If people are ahead of you how about you just show some basic human initiative and let things move in an orderly fashion. For Christ sakes, I don't care how pointy your elbows are; just wait your turn.
Whilst writing this i have come to a conclusion that people must do these things because if they do not then the world will invariably implode in a catastrophic implosion of biblical proportions. This once again proves to me the theory that White Choc outlaid to me this morning People + Life = C#*ts

Well said W.C.....well said

Saturday, January 29, 2011


So, two weeks ago I had a routine blood test as you do and as if the needle itself didn't hurt enough but i had an angry looking bruise which is still visible. And to make it worse, for the first week it was impossible for me to extend my arm without cringing in pain!

Purpose of this blog is needles suck! And unfortunately there are more to come....

Green Splat out xoxo

Friday, January 21, 2011

My adventure in buying sandals

Less than 2 weeks ago I purchased a pair of sandals, I haven't owned a pair since I was a kid and I figured it would be a nice way to "girly" up my summer dresses I recently bought instead of always wearing my Vans. Now, there are a number of things that made me go a mild green colour, some may even say the colour of the Jalapeno Tabasco which goes great in Salsa’s by the way!

Before I made the commitment to actually buy these shoes I was more or less “window” shopping on my lunch break to see if there were any nice simple shoes among all the horrid half thong, half boots or whatever it is you want to call them. Then I stumbled upon these plain but cute sandals and saw the price tag of $10.00, what a bargain I hear you say? I agree. Although I am the kind of person who needs a second opinion to make sure they suit me and to make sure I will not be made fun of with the likes “Legging Girl”.

So the very next day, I go to a more local shopping centre and get that second opinion I so hopelessly desired only to find at this same store but different locality the Sandals were $15.00. Now I thought to myself, why would I pay $15.00 for these when I just saw them for $10.00?  So I had in my mind, come Monday on my lunch break I will get those shoes and I will only pay $10.00.

Monday 1:30pm comes around I go back to that store and I am determined to buy these shoes, I try them on for the last time to make sure they still look nice, they looked nice the first and second time so why wouldn’t they the third? Now as if this doesn’t already make me want to Turn Into The Hulk, whenever I buy shoes it is a must that I try on the left shoe as my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot, which is what I did in this instance. I had selected the ones I wanted, looked at the tag and the red sale sticker had been removed… They were now $15.00. I could’ve just bought them on the weekend! I buy then anyway.

I get home that night and decide to finally try them both on with one of my dresses and they look so cute, but for some reason the right one is quite loose, to the point where I walked and they would slip of my heel. I blamed it on the fact I was walking like a penguin as the tags and string were still intact. Now these just sat in my closet until the following Saturday.

Saturday comes, I’m going out even if it is just to be a Mall Rat, it’s hot outside so I’ve got a summer dress on and I think this is a great opportunity to wear my new sandals…. I’ve cut the string and the tags and I’m about to walk down the stairs to the car and the right one is still slipping like crazy. I didn’t think my left foot was that much bigger. I play around with the backing a little only to realise, it is very poorly made and I may need some shoe glue and my sewing kit to fix it.

Another 4 days go by; I’m now going on a trip to get some groceries and decide to finally wear them out. Before we got to the shops, we decided to drop into my Mums to see Roodiger. (My Mum’s dog) Walk across the road and into the house; they are very loose and annoying. Walk back out of the house and they break going down the driveway. Driving to the shops I’m complaining at what an outrage that is, had the shoes for less than 2 weeks, actually wear them once and they break. And then I realised, I’ve had these shoes for less than 2 weeks, I can return them. Which I thought to be able to return them they would have to look unworn so I walked through a car park and supermarket with no shoes and walking on my tippy toes to avoid my whole foot catching some horrible disease.

I race up the stairs and put them in my work bag, now all I had to find was the receipt. I pretty much turned the entire house upside down trying to find it and I knew I had not thrown it out and yup you guessed it… it was the last place I looked. (Well of course it was because if I had found it earlier I would not have been still looking) Anyway it was in the most obvious place, which frustrated me even more, ranting and mumbling to myself.

Now the last bit to this tale, I didn’t realise it would be such a long tale to begin with, but I’m a sucker for detail. I’ve got the shoes and the receipt in my work bag to return. I go to the shop on my lunch break and ask for an exchange (no refund cause I really liked them) I try on a pair in the same size, make sure I try on both Right and Left this time. I take them to the counter and say I’d like to get these ones. As she is typing away doing the exchange, she tells me “a lot of people have returned them because they have broken” Wow what a boost of confidence that this pair will be any better! She then finishes up with of course the “positive” spin about the product saying “yeah some will only last a couple of weeks and some will last a life time”

Heres to hoping I got the pair that is deemed to last a life time!

Green Splat out xoxo

P.s. Reading over this, maybe I’m just addicted to Ragohol!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Everyday we have those little things that annoy us. We have the person in front of us with 20 items in the 12 items or less queue! We have the parent out with friends at the same eating establishment as you letting their kids run wild just that little too much! We have the commuter who gets to the station after you yet still pushes in front of you to rush onto the train before you. We also have the TV stations that insist on playing 1,000,000 ads at 1,000,000,000,000 decibels louder that the show you are watching. What about the fact that any form of LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!


Green Splat and I will be bringing you the best of our stupid rants!

Radioactive mutations always,

DxSx and GxSx

If you have a rant you wish to vent please send it to

Please note: names/business titles will be edited as this is for venting and fun only. If you really have a big complaint about something your more than welcome to vent but we are unable to do anything legal like with it!