Monday, January 31, 2011

Annoyances on Public Transport

An Oldie of Bloggers, Ranters and Letters to the Editors but hell I'll give this a big crack.

  1. TALKING ON A PHONE AT FULL VOLUME FOR OVER 5 MINUTES ON THE TRAIN/BUS - Seriously, can it not wait until you arrive at your destination? No-one else on the train needs to here the life story of you, your friends or your god damn snakes on a plane. I understand there might be times when this is unavoidable but how about a "Yo i'm on a <insert mode of transport here> I'll call you when I get off" Really is everything that important in your life that you need is yesterday and cant just relax and take a break.
  2. USING YOUR PHONE AS AN MP3 PLAYER FOR THE WHOLE CARRIAGE/BUS - I don't like Ke$ha's tunes. I don't respect the artistical accreditation of U2. I don't think that Rihanna is "da Bomb". This is why I do not have them on my iPod. I'm pretty sure most of the people on my train would not like Toe to Toe, or find On Broken Wings relaxing. This is why I do have them on my iPod - So I cant listen to them and not annoy other people by utlising this amazing invention HEADPHONES. Seriously, buy some headphones. If you and your friends all want to listen to music at once, but a friggin splitter. Do no subject me to music you might love but might just make me wanna go nuts. I do not need to hear how I'm a firework, how I am the only girl in the world or some other crap. (this isn't a go at what music you are into as I like some pretty terrible music, it's just about showing some respect)
  3. B/O - Pretty simple. Male/Female/Non carbon based life form - use something that covers your stench and carry something with you so if you stink at a bad time, use some of the previously alluded to substance to freshen yourself up. Public transport may look like a sewage pipe but you do not have to make it smell like one.
  4. MANNERS GETTING ON AND OFF - you know what? The world is not going to be blown in to oblivion if you just wait you turn to get on. If people are ahead of you how about you just show some basic human initiative and let things move in an orderly fashion. For Christ sakes, I don't care how pointy your elbows are; just wait your turn.
Whilst writing this i have come to a conclusion that people must do these things because if they do not then the world will invariably implode in a catastrophic implosion of biblical proportions. This once again proves to me the theory that White Choc outlaid to me this morning People + Life = C#*ts

Well said W.C.....well said

Saturday, January 29, 2011


So, two weeks ago I had a routine blood test as you do and as if the needle itself didn't hurt enough but i had an angry looking bruise which is still visible. And to make it worse, for the first week it was impossible for me to extend my arm without cringing in pain!

Purpose of this blog is needles suck! And unfortunately there are more to come....

Green Splat out xoxo

Friday, January 21, 2011

My adventure in buying sandals

Less than 2 weeks ago I purchased a pair of sandals, I haven't owned a pair since I was a kid and I figured it would be a nice way to "girly" up my summer dresses I recently bought instead of always wearing my Vans. Now, there are a number of things that made me go a mild green colour, some may even say the colour of the Jalapeno Tabasco which goes great in Salsa’s by the way!

Before I made the commitment to actually buy these shoes I was more or less “window” shopping on my lunch break to see if there were any nice simple shoes among all the horrid half thong, half boots or whatever it is you want to call them. Then I stumbled upon these plain but cute sandals and saw the price tag of $10.00, what a bargain I hear you say? I agree. Although I am the kind of person who needs a second opinion to make sure they suit me and to make sure I will not be made fun of with the likes “Legging Girl”.

So the very next day, I go to a more local shopping centre and get that second opinion I so hopelessly desired only to find at this same store but different locality the Sandals were $15.00. Now I thought to myself, why would I pay $15.00 for these when I just saw them for $10.00?  So I had in my mind, come Monday on my lunch break I will get those shoes and I will only pay $10.00.

Monday 1:30pm comes around I go back to that store and I am determined to buy these shoes, I try them on for the last time to make sure they still look nice, they looked nice the first and second time so why wouldn’t they the third? Now as if this doesn’t already make me want to Turn Into The Hulk, whenever I buy shoes it is a must that I try on the left shoe as my left foot is slightly bigger than my right foot, which is what I did in this instance. I had selected the ones I wanted, looked at the tag and the red sale sticker had been removed… They were now $15.00. I could’ve just bought them on the weekend! I buy then anyway.

I get home that night and decide to finally try them both on with one of my dresses and they look so cute, but for some reason the right one is quite loose, to the point where I walked and they would slip of my heel. I blamed it on the fact I was walking like a penguin as the tags and string were still intact. Now these just sat in my closet until the following Saturday.

Saturday comes, I’m going out even if it is just to be a Mall Rat, it’s hot outside so I’ve got a summer dress on and I think this is a great opportunity to wear my new sandals…. I’ve cut the string and the tags and I’m about to walk down the stairs to the car and the right one is still slipping like crazy. I didn’t think my left foot was that much bigger. I play around with the backing a little only to realise, it is very poorly made and I may need some shoe glue and my sewing kit to fix it.

Another 4 days go by; I’m now going on a trip to get some groceries and decide to finally wear them out. Before we got to the shops, we decided to drop into my Mums to see Roodiger. (My Mum’s dog) Walk across the road and into the house; they are very loose and annoying. Walk back out of the house and they break going down the driveway. Driving to the shops I’m complaining at what an outrage that is, had the shoes for less than 2 weeks, actually wear them once and they break. And then I realised, I’ve had these shoes for less than 2 weeks, I can return them. Which I thought to be able to return them they would have to look unworn so I walked through a car park and supermarket with no shoes and walking on my tippy toes to avoid my whole foot catching some horrible disease.

I race up the stairs and put them in my work bag, now all I had to find was the receipt. I pretty much turned the entire house upside down trying to find it and I knew I had not thrown it out and yup you guessed it… it was the last place I looked. (Well of course it was because if I had found it earlier I would not have been still looking) Anyway it was in the most obvious place, which frustrated me even more, ranting and mumbling to myself.

Now the last bit to this tale, I didn’t realise it would be such a long tale to begin with, but I’m a sucker for detail. I’ve got the shoes and the receipt in my work bag to return. I go to the shop on my lunch break and ask for an exchange (no refund cause I really liked them) I try on a pair in the same size, make sure I try on both Right and Left this time. I take them to the counter and say I’d like to get these ones. As she is typing away doing the exchange, she tells me “a lot of people have returned them because they have broken” Wow what a boost of confidence that this pair will be any better! She then finishes up with of course the “positive” spin about the product saying “yeah some will only last a couple of weeks and some will last a life time”

Heres to hoping I got the pair that is deemed to last a life time!

Green Splat out xoxo

P.s. Reading over this, maybe I’m just addicted to Ragohol!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Everyday we have those little things that annoy us. We have the person in front of us with 20 items in the 12 items or less queue! We have the parent out with friends at the same eating establishment as you letting their kids run wild just that little too much! We have the commuter who gets to the station after you yet still pushes in front of you to rush onto the train before you. We also have the TV stations that insist on playing 1,000,000 ads at 1,000,000,000,000 decibels louder that the show you are watching. What about the fact that any form of LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!


Green Splat and I will be bringing you the best of our stupid rants!

Radioactive mutations always,

DxSx and GxSx

If you have a rant you wish to vent please send it to

Please note: names/business titles will be edited as this is for venting and fun only. If you really have a big complaint about something your more than welcome to vent but we are unable to do anything legal like with it!