Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ariel in a Wedding dress? I must have it! But not for that price

So when I was in America they have Disney stores almost everywhere and I happened to come across a ton of Ariel (Barbie) dolls that actually looked like her, which I have been searching for for years. And until now nothing compared to the Ariel barbie doll my sister and I had as kids.

In the Chicago store I fell in love at first sight with Ariel dressed in a stunning white wedding dress. But unfortunately I couldn’t but it then as I wanted to keep it in the box and I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase after everything we had bought so far on the trip. So instead of buying Ariel in the Wedding dress, I just bought Ariel in her mermaid stuff and a pack that contacted her blue (Kiss the Girl) dress and the pink (I’m going to brush my hair with a fork) dress.

The reason behind my buying the normal Ariel was because I didn’t mind taking her out of the box to brush her hair and change her clothes because I had all intentions of buying Wedding Ariel at Disneyland of course.

Disneyland comes around, we search all the toy shops inside to find NO Wedding Ariel anywhere, also the Ariel’s that they did have, were not as good as the Disney Store ones. After going on a whole heap of rides and looking at shops, we decided to find the Official Disney Store so I could get Ariel and we could get something for the Nephews.

We found the Official Disney store and it was very disappointing in regards to Disney Princess. We asked staff if they had what we were looking for and they said “Disneyland Store stocks different things to the Disney Store”. Isn’t it the same company? I was bummed and it made LA crappier than it already seemed.

Get home after Disneyland and decided to find out where the closest Disney Store is so I can get me Ariel. There was one 30mins away by bus.

We set out there the next day, waiting way too long for a bus that didn’t come so we got a cab. The cab driver than didn’t know where the shopping centre was that we were going to and dropped as off at Fox, almost 6 blocks away from the shopping centre.

We get to the shopping centre and look at the directory to find the Disney Store and as we look at the shop number, we notice the Disney Store layout on a shop to the right, however it was covered in black curtains…. It had closed!

I was devastated. We decide to leave and on a way back we spot this awesome shopping centre real close to our hotel so we have a look, in hopes that all the closed store for “West Side” has opened up there, but they hadn’t.

We get back to the hotel and decide that Santa Monica might be nice to visit so I look up what shops they have there. Can you believe it, they have a Disney store and other cool stuff. We get on the next bus.

We get to Santa Monica and go to the Disney Store and I couldn’t see Wedding Ariel anywhere. I asked staff, they were sold out. Thus ends the search in America for Ariel as we had 2 days left.

Next day we go to Universal Studios and the depot where our tour bus had to stop, there was a form of Disney store on Hollywood Blvd. I run down and check. No luck 

Once I got home I checked the Disney Store online to check stock as they ship certain items to Australia and they have her in stock. I finally went to commit to buying her over the weekend just past (18-19th June) and they were out of stock.

I decide to check eBay and there are a couple, mostly around the $50+ mark, except one that was at $35.00 or offer me a price. So I offered $25.00 as the doll was only worth $19.90. The bitch on eBay doesn’t reply to my offer and lets the listing expire.

2 hours after it expires, she send me an eBay message asking If I was interested and assumed I offered her $30. I said “Yes, I’m still interested.” You had the doll for $35.00 and I offered $25.00, please let me know what you would be happy with?” So I agree to pay $30.00 and ask her how much shipping is to two post codes, 2000 and 2250. She replies with, “Are you in town often? If you like you can pick it up from my brother’s house in Surry Hills?”

Are you serious! I’m not going to some random persons house in Surry Hills to pick up a doll that is overly priced to begin with. I tell her I would prefer postage and asked her to calculate it and let me know, by this time the eBay messages were going on for 2 days and she would not give me a straight answer, all my questions, statements and offers were all straight forward.

Two days pass and she has not replied. I check my hotmail and I have a message from eBay “An item you were watching has been relisted” I check to see which item it was and yup, It was Wedding Ariel and guess what the price was now, $55.00.

This person has royally pissed me off. I hope no one buys it from her. I wonder if there is a way I can report her to eBay for being such a dipshit! Because of her I’m now Wedding Arielless and ANGRY at how stupid some people are.

Greensplat xoxo

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