Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Once again Leggings are not pants!

We have said this before and I will say it again…. Leggings are not pants.

I’ve seen a lot of girls of all ages and all sizes wearing leggings this winter. Now there are several things wrong with this;

Firstly, I don’t care what size you are, leggings are not flattering to wear out in public unless you have either a) a dress on or b) a long top covering all your bits. And the people I have seen have not had any of the above mentioned.

Secondly, leggings are no where near warm enough to keep you warm this winter. I know for a fact as I wear a pair of leggings under my work pants and majority of the time I am still cold.

Thirdly, for a couple of dollars more you could own a pair of pants and not be made fun of.

Please do us all a favour and keep your leggings to working out or to the comfort of your own home, which is the only time you will see me in ONLY a pair of leggings.

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